2016 Contracts for all CRF Operators

Wednesday June 3 2015

Member Support

The BCYHHA Board has created a Q+A page to help facilitate our members through all the questions that will arise in preparation for the Request for Proposal for Community Residential Services. The answers may become critical in developing the best proposal possible.

How to get a question you have answered?

When you access the following link, you will see contact information for the Board Secretary, Nathan Rock. Nathan will serve as a liaison between the Correctional Service Canada and the membership during the RFP process. Please make certain your question has not already been asked and answered by going to the following link:!2016-rfp-process/czri

Note: this information is password protected. Board President Stu Diggon has provided this password within a broadcast on the BCYHHA site. Log into your account to access this information.