Yukon Adult Resource Centre

The Salvation Army

91678 Alaska Highway
Whitehorse Yukon
Y1A 3Y8


  • Name Jeff Howard
  • Position Executive Director
  • Phone 867-668-2327
  • Email

Main Contact

  • Name Carol-Anne Scott
  • Position Program Coordinator
  • Phone 867-667-2741
  • Email

Programs & Services

Basic construction Skills, Cooking Skills, Community Support Group

Yukon Adult Resource Centre



Located in Whitehorse, Yukon, the YARC is a CRF
which has a variety of residents. The majority of
our beds are contracted to YTG, however CSC has
has the option of requesting beds for federal
offenders outside of Yukon. We work to provide
a low stress, respectful, and relaxed environment
for offenders to work on themselves and begin
rehabilitation in preparation for their release.

  • Beds 18
  • Population Adult Male
  • Age 18+
  • Sources CSC/Territorial (including Mental health)

Community Involvement

There is a weekly support

Local Parole Office

Adult Probations Services
  • Phone 876-667-5231
  • Fax 876-667-3446