Tims Manor

The John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland of BC

32160 Tims Avenue
Abbotsford British Columbia
V2T 2H3


  • Name Dale Lutes
  • Position Director of Programs
  • Phone 604-872-5651 Ext:310
  • Email

Main Contact

  • Name Melanie Jarvis
  • Position Outreach Worker
  • Phone 604-755-0467
  • Email

Dale has worked in Alberta, Northern Manitoba (included working on reserves), Winnipeg, New Brunswick and British Columbia with youth and adults in the community and in correctional and mental health facilites including forensic as a line worker and in Management. He was a social worker for Child and Family Services and for Community Living. Dale was a foster parent for several years for youth age 14 to 18.

Programs & Services

The CSC apartments accepts all individuals and does not discriminate based on offence type or because and indivdual has mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues. See our annual report for statistics on individuals we serve.

Tenants of Tims Manor are part of the Tims Manor Outreach Program. These tenants may recieve support in the folowing areas:

-Meal Planning and Cooking

-Budgeting and Money Mangement


-Personal Care


-Use of Public Transit

Other tenants may receive limited support as time allows.

Tims Manor


The John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland of BC aims to provide community housing to those members of society who are in need of affordable housing and who may have barriers challenging their ability to live independently it the community. The Society believes safe, affordable and stable housing is vital for all members of the community.

  • Beds 10 two-bedroom suites with balconies
  • Population 6 suites are for individuals on Condidional Release and 4 suites are for other individuals with an income of 32,000.00 or less
  • Age 19 and older both male and female
  • Sources CSC,Province,Must have an income of $32,000.00 or less. Individuals, couples and families are welcomed to apply
  • Exclusions Individuals refusing treatment for substance abuse issues, mental health issues, sexual abuse issues and violence issues will not be considered

Application Process

For CSC Tenants:

-Write a letter to the Outreach Worker introducing yourself and request a screening.
-Ask your Parole Officer or Institutinal Parole Officer to refer you to be screened

For the 4 suites for individuals, couples and or families from the community:

-Contact the Outreach Worker at (604-755-0467) or write a letter to Tims Manor -Outreach Worker-32160 Tims Ave, Abbotsford BC V2T 2H4 introducing yourself and ask for an interview.

Community Involvement

The tenants have access to the follwing neaby resources:
1. Food Bank-33914 Essendene- 604-859-5749
2. Salvation Army-34081 Gladys Ave-604-852-9305
3. Matsqui Recreation Centre-3106 Clearbrook Road-604-855-0500
4. Clearbrook Library-32320 George Ferguson Way-604-859-7814
5. West Oaks Medical Clinic (Walk-In)- 310-32700 South Fraser Way-604-557-9938
6. Thrift Store-31970 South Fraser Way-604-850-3712
7. Mental Health-11-3270 George Ferguson Way-604-870-7800
8. Abbotsford Hospital-32900 Marshall Road-604-851-4710
9. Shopping Centre-32500 Soputh Fraser Way

Local Parole Office

Abbotsford Parole Office for the 6 CSC suites
  • Phone 604-870-2730