Dick Bell Irving House

B.C. Borstal Association

554 West 21st Avenue
Vancouver British Columbia
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  • Name Nathan L. Rock
  • Position Executive Director
  • Phone 604-879-3224
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Main Contact

  • Name Erica Louis
  • Position Director of Operations
  • Phone 604-877-2295
  • Email

Programs & Services

The Program Coordinator works out of DBI and assists residents in achieving their goals in the community such as employment searching, resume building, and housing search. In addition, residents can be referred to additional community resources they may require. The Program Coordinator plans activities based on the wellness wheel in an effort to provide residents with a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

DBI also provides back up to St. Leonard’s Community Alcohol and Drug Day-Program and Circle of Eagles Society.

At BC Borstal Association, we understand that the experience of trauma can have a significant impact on a person and that trauma underlies most mental health and addiction issues, and even criminal behavior. The opportunity for intervention and healing are imperative to supporting both individual and community wellness.

Through the BC Borstal Trauma Program, the clinician provides one to one treatment, group work and even education to other professionals in the field. In addition, DBI is the only halfway house that employees a trauma informed team.

Dick Bell Irving House



The B.C. Borstal Association operates a fifteen-bed Halfway House known as Dick Bell-Irving (DBI). The facility is located in the South Cambie neighborhood of Vancouver and works primarily with adult male offenders. The house is ideally located, being close to community and commercial resources and rapid transit (King Edward Skytrain). Dick Bell Irving is a home-like environment providing five single and five double occupancy rooms. The resource is staffed 24x7 providing safety, security and support to the residents.

The goal of Dick Bell-Irving is to assist residents with their reintegration into the community. This is accomplished by providing residents with a safe, peaceful and stable living environment - as well as programs and services to support personal growth and development.

DBI accepts residents from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. A recent protocol with the “Circle of Eagles” Association has allowed DBI to accept an increased number of Aboriginal residents. We also provide continuity services for the St. Leonard's Society of North Vancouver's Community Alcohol and Drug Program.

  • Beds 15
  • Population Male
  • Exclusions Individuals with a sex offence history and/or gang affiliations.
  • Criteria DP, SRR, LTSO

Application Process

Potential CRF residents are assessed based on criminal history, progress against their correctional plan, previous release/institutional history and CMT support. All potential residents are encouraged to write or call to build rapport prior to release.

Local Parole Office

Metro Vancouver West Community Corrections
  • Phone 604-666-8004
  • Fax 604-666-2000