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The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver
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  • Name Shawn Bayes
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Main Contact

  • Name Niru Turko
  • Position Program Supervisor
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Shawn Bayes' background in the social services and criminal justice fields spans over 30 years. During virtually all this time, she has been involved with EFry in varying capacities. Beginning her career as a child and youth counselor, Shawn was appointed Executive Director and CEO of EFry in 1997.
Shawn has played a key role in successfully advocating for changes to public policies affecting the treatment of women and girls involved with the justice system. She developed a community work services initiative that has become a national standard, and a Third Party Administration Program which provides hard to serve individuals access to social assistance monies and community support and reintegration. It is considered a best practice model for similar programs across the country.

In 2001, Shawn was one of 120 national leaders in Canada's voluntary and non-profit sector selected for a fully sponsored Masters of Management program at McGill University. The result was her identification of the children of prisoners as a distinct and unsupported subgroup in Canada.

In June 2009, Shawn received the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the non-profit and public service category.

Programs & Services

Gender specific services. Emphasis on services to women with complex needs. Mother – Child Program, educational upgrading, red seal vocational training, volunteer work experience, and peer and mutual support.

Columbia Place


Columbia Place is a Community Residential Facility that works with the Criminal Justice System and relevant community resources to provide women in conflict with the law a supported, monitored re-entry into the community. Employees are responsive to individual case planning needs and empower clients to address those aspects of their lives that place them at risk. The goal is to provide women with opportunities to build strong, pro-social networks of support to aid in successful reintegration.

  • Beds 12
  • Population Female
  • Age 18+
  • Sources Correctional Service of Canada and other sources
  • Exclusions Contingent upon Screening
  • Criteria Inclusive, develop programming to respond as needed

Community Involvement

Individualized program based on client needs, - Pathways second stage housing program, GED Completion, Career assistance – computer training, resume building, job search assistance and Recreation – dance, yoga, quilting, creative writing, Clothing & open weekly Sunday meal invitation.

Local Parole Office

new Westminster Area Community Corrections
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