Elpida For Women

Catholic Social Services

Edmonton Alberta

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  • Name Joanne Harris
  • Position Program Manager
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Main Contact

  • Position Team Leader
  • Phone 780-473-7011

Programs & Services

The emphasis of Elpida For Women is to maintain community safety. Staff members are responsible for the day-to-day supervision of residents through the use of house rules/regulations. These include documentation of resident activities (including periodic checks of these activities), curfews, and close liason with supervising authorities.

Elpida For Women is designed as an independent living model. There are 5 self-contained apartments housing 2-3 residents per unit. Children under the age of 6 are allowed to live in the residence with their mothers.

Elpida For Women


"Elpida" is a Greek word for Hope. The goal of Elpida For Women is to assist women who are on Federal parole, with or without identified substance abuse problems, to establish a positive support system, learn independent living, and make a successful transition back into the community as productive members of society

  • Beds 13
  • Population Women
  • Age 18+

Application Process

By referral from Institutional and Community Parole Officers. Elpida For Women is a Community Residential Facility that houses Federal offenders on conditional release in the community. This may include Day Parole, Full Parole, and Statutory Release Voluntary or Statutory Release With Residency.

When determining if an offender is suitable for residency in our facility, primary factors are community and staff safety. Other factors may include programming that the individual has successfully completed, as well as the level of motivation towards change and leading a law-abiding pro-social lifestyle

Community Involvement

Elpida For Women works in close collaboration with the Elizabeth Frye Association.

Local Parole Office

Edmonton Area Parole Office
  • Phone 780-495-4900