Berkana House

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary and the Calgary John Howard Society

11419 8th Street SW
Calgary Alberta
T2W 2N4

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  • Name Lacey Leibel
  • Position Manager
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Main Contact

  • Name Evelyn Fogarty
  • Position Team Leader
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Programs & Services

Berkana House offers:

Weekly house meetings and activities that involve life skills training, guest speakers, barbeques and outings

Bi-weekly meetings in house with an Elder and smudging

Smudging in house on a daily basis

Access to sewing circles, drum making and drumming, sweats and church activities

Berkana House


Berkana House is located in the south west part of Calgary in a quiet residential district. We have 6 apartments with 8 bedrooms and we can accommodate up to 10 women.

Berkana House accommodates women and women with their children. We are close to major shopping centres and all the recreational facilities necessary including parks and the river.

  • Beds Berkana 10
  • Population Women and their children on conditional release from the federal prison system
  • Age 18 and up
  • Exclusions Women whose needs are greater than the services offered
  • Criteria Must be willing to address issues in a nurturing environment

Application Process

Women can apply to their Institutional Parole Officers (IPOs) for a Community Assessment to Berkana House. The IPO will then apply to the Calgary Parole Office who will in turn send the fle to Berkana House. The Berkana team will review the file and get back to the parole office as soon as possible. Usually within 10 days.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement Includes:

Elizabeth Fry programs such as afternoon coffee circles and recreational pursuits along with access to a court worker

Access to the Calgary John Howard Learning Enhanced Employment Program (LEEP) to upgrade life skills and tickets

Community AA/NA/GA meetings

Access to Servants Anonymous, Aids Calgary and the Food Bank

Easy access to recreation facilities, libraries and shopping

Access to a number of skills training, educational and employment opportunities

Local Parole Office

Calgary Parole Office Women's Unit
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  • Phone (403) 292-5505
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