Bedford House

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  • Name Gordon Sand
  • Position Executive Director, Calgary John Howard Society
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Main Contact

  • Name Kym Jacobs
  • Position Residential Manager
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Programs & Services

Bedford House is a specialized community based residential facility geared towards meeting the social and clinical needs of offenders with issues requiring further programming and/or treatment. Our primary mandate and obligation is to ensure the safety, security, and well being of the community at-large. As part of the re-integration process, our residents are given support within a structured release plan which requires constant supervision. Autonomy, privilege and participation in authorized community activities and programming are only extended in proportion to the individual’s ability and willingness to accept personal responsibility and accountability.

Staff members are responsible for the day-to-day supervision of all residents according to the conditions on their release permit. House rules and regulations are designed to provide the necessary amount of supervision appropriate to a community setting – i.e. curfew times, documentation of resident activities, periodic checks of these activities, and close liaison with supervising authorities. The emphasis of our program is to maintain community safety by remaining aware of the climate of the house and the issues affecting each individual resident.

Bedford House utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to the casework process through ongoing consultation with community psychologists, consulting psychiatrist, the psychiatric nurse, community group facilitators, in house group facilitator and caseworkers.

Bedford House is designed as an independent living model. There are 22 rooms one room per resident. There are two floors and there is a lounge area on both floors. The bathrooms and kitchen are communal areas. Recreational opportunities are also available.

Bedford House

  • Beds 22
  • Population Adult Male
  • Exclusions Bedford House is a treatment orientated facility and prioritizes its services towards those who have clearly defined treatment needs. Those individuals who are unable or unwilling to address these needs are ordinarily not well suited to the program.
  • Criteria Federal offenders on conditional release who have demonstrated positive motivation for change and some insight into their crimininogenic factors. Each case is considered individually.

Application Process

All referrals must go through the Calgary Area Parole Office.

Local Parole Office

Calgary Area Parole
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