Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

60 Westwood Road
Guelph Ontario
N1H 7X3

Main Contact

  • Name Heather Kerr
  • Position Executive Director
  • Phone (519) 837-1470 x230
  • Email

Programs & Services


> Long-term Residential Addiction Treatment for Women (5-6 months)

> Long-term Residential Addiction Treatment for Men (5-6 months)

> Residential Methadone Treatment Program

> Out-patient Methadone Case Management Program

> Early Childhood Development Addictions Program for pregnant and parenting women

> Family Support Group (monthly)

> Aftercare Support Group (weekly)

> Addiction Supportive Housing Program


> Waterloo Wellington LHIN – 19 beds for residents of Ontario

> Correctional Service of Canada – 13 beds for male and female federal offenders

> Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services – 10 beds for male & female provincial offenders


Dougan Hall (Men's residence)
Morrow Hall (Men's residence)
Century Home (Women's residence)

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community


Stonehenge Therapeutic Community (STC) offers a long-term intensive residential treatment program (5-6 months) for people whose lives have been devastated by chronic or acute substance use. Founded in 1971 by Dr. John Dougan, STC uses a modified 'therapeutic community' treatment model. This approach is based on the belief that chronic addiction comes with an acquired lifestyle and that recovery requires a holistic approach that challenges deeply ingrained behaviours and teaches healthy alternatives. Believing that change is most effective when it is experienced and shared, STC encourages residents to assist each other in every aspect of their treatment. Residents cook, clean and maintain their residence while receiving group and individual therapy, as well as life skills, anger management, art therapy and earned outings. In keeping with research and best practices, the men's and women's programs are separate until Reentry, the final phase of the program. STC's professional staff function as facilitators, guides and role models. Together, residents, staff and alumni comprise a supportive community in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An Aftercare Program is available for up to 2 years after completing the program.

  • Beds 42
  • Age >18
  • Sources CSC,Province,Ministry of Health

Application Process

Once an applicant has contacted Stonehenge and expressed interest in the program, a treatment assessment is required. The assessment process consists of two separate intake interviews.

In the first interview, the STC application is completed, personal information is gathered and the severity of substance abuse is assessed through questionnaires and contact with previous treatment sources. Applicants are then provided with an overview of the treatment program, with a senior resident available to answer questions. For applicants who are unable to attend due to long distance or incarceration, this interview will occur through a telephone assessment or institutional visit. If the Stonehenge program is assessed to be a good treatment match and the applicant has demonstrated sufficient motivation, he or she is deemed eligible.

Once an applicant has been considered eligible and is accepted to the program, a second interview is necessary on the day of admission into the program. This interview is necessary to confirm that all requirements have been met and that the applicant is appropriately prepared for treatment and adequately withdrawn from substances.

Please note that some of our programs have wait lists. Please contact our Admission Coordinators at (519) 837-1470 for more information. Press extension 227 for our Men's Admission Coordinator or extension 226 for our Women's Admission Coordinator.