St. Leonard's Society of Toronto -Crossroads

Toronto Ontario

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  • Phone (416) 469-8312

Main Contact

  • Name Scott Leone
  • Position Operations Director
  • Phone 416.469.8312
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Programs & Services

This setting is an intimate one that has 16 beds allowing for the opportunity to establish and maintain meaningful rapport with all staff and residents. The belief is that the collaboration between resident and staff will foster and maintain your motivation to change.

The St. Leonard’s Society of Toronto’s main office and Day Reporting Centre at 779 Danforth Avenue is within walking distance of Crossroads. At this site residents are able to access computers, printers and fax machines in order to enhance their job search as well as research educational/training opportunities.

St. Leonard's Society of Toronto -Crossroads


St. Leonard’s Society of Toronto is dedicated to ensuring a safer community by providing programs and services to help individuals become responsible community members
It is our belief that these needs be addressed on an individual basis, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and dignity.

  • Beds 16

Application Process

St. Leonard's Society of Toronto's Walter Huculak House, referred to as the Crossroads Program will review applicants for residency based on potential risk to the community, risk level for recidivism, motivation for change and individual commitment to program compliance.

- All individuals requesting to reside at Walter Huculak House – Crossroads Program, should complete an application and have their IPO provide comments.

- Whenever possible an in-person interview will be completed so that both the applicant and the House representative can assess program suitability.

- A Community Assessment will need to be requested via your IPO to the Downtown Toronto Parole Office.

- All cases require support from the Community Assessment Team.

- Written confirmation of support or denial will be forwarded to the applicant, the IPO and the PBC.