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  • Name Juliane Martin
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Art is the Director of Archibald Centre, Bunton Lodge and Harbour Light Community Residential Facilities in Toronto.

Art is past President of the Ontario Halfway House Association Executive Committee as Past President and was The Salvation Army's representative on the Community Strategic Planning Committee.

As Chair of the Community Assessment Committee, Art also conducts In-Reach Assessments in most Ontario Federal Correctional Facilities and is available to meet with interested applicants and their Parole officers on a bi-monthly basis.

Programs & Services

Our Community Residential Facilities Staff have designed and deliver programs that demonstrate increased success rates in reintegration while offering the hope for men and their families that they need at the time of release and afterwards.

The Victim Impact Program (VIP) is currently available for residents who have been screened for acceptance with a recommendation to attend this program or through a referral. This 10 session group program helps to further the knowledge of how past criminal actions and values have an impact on the victims of their crimes with a focus on crime prevention through victim empathy and acknowledgement.

The Emotions Management and Violence Prevention Program (EMVP) is also offered on-site as a ten week continuous curriculum delivered at our CRF locations. The EMVP is held one evening per week in our Community Resource Rooms. The program focus is to re-evaluate, learn new and build upon skills acquired during the Correctional Plan now that the participant is back in the community.

These In-House Programs and all other programs can be recommended by our Local Community Assessment Team, Case Management Team or by the Parole Board of Canada.

The Employment Readiness Program is a multi step approach to re-engaging employers with a modern resume, interview skills and dressing for success.

These programs and others including: Bookclub, Bible Study and Games Night (for present and past residents) make our CRF relevant based upon evidence-based results!

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Archibald Centre


Archibald Centre is named after Brigadier W.P. Archibald who was the First Parole Officer in Canada in the early 1900s. Based upon over 100 years of proven experience the Archibald Centre is an 18 Bed Community Residential Facility (CRF), operated by The Salvation Army. The Archibald Centre serves and supports Communities of Ontario with services that assist men and their families while improving Public Safety through a Cooperative Case Management System. We partner with The Correctional Services of Canada and The Toronto Police Services along with input and support from our local Municipality and Neighborhood Associations.

As a co-managed facility with Bunton Lodge located in the heart of the Old Mansion District, the Archibald Centre affords opportunities for employment, housing, and enrollment in Community programs for men approved by the Parole Board of Canada
to serving periods of Community Supervision under a Cooperative Case Management System.

Counseling along with essential goal planning, approved community access and limitations, job readiness, housing assistance and a review and monitoring of conditions as determined by the Parole Board of Canada are provided at Archibald Centre. In addition, we ensure that local community recommendations are made through our Community Assessment Team to ensure a value added service to the residents while exercising strong public safety protocols.

The Salvation Army is a leader in Community Reintegration and Public Safety.
`Giving Hope Today` we provide in excess of 100 years of trusted experience
in Community Correctional and Parole Services in Canada.

For more information and inquiries please contact us via email or phone.

  • Beds 18
  • Population Adult Male
  • Age 18+

Application Process

Applications are available from our Administrative Assistant and Most Ontario Federal Correctional Institutions

Community Involvement

Public Transit, Job Assistance, Housing and Recreational Activist Support facilitate a methodical transition back to community, family and work life.

During the last Garbage strike in Toronto, our residents and staff volunteered their time to participate in community clean-ups and pick up operations alongside the Homewood Maitland Neighborhood Association members.

Local Parole Office

The Correctional Services of Canada, Downtown Toronto Parole Office