Salvation Army - Maxwell Meighen Centre

135 Sherbourne St.
Toronto Ontario
M5A 2R5

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  • Name Bradley Harris
  • Position Executive Director

Main Contact

  • Name Loriann Tulk
  • Position Residential Coordinator
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Programs & Services

CSC: We have 16 beds for statutory releases that require a place to stay until they are able to acquire permanent residence in the Community. We can, when requested through our housing worker, help them to find outside accommodations. All CSC Residents must be referred through their Toronto Parole Supervisor.

ADDICTION SERVICES PROGRAM: This program is open to all shelter residents with two counselors on site who deal with a number of addiction problems including alcohol, drug and/or gambling problems.

COUNSELLING DEPT: All residents who come to our door to seek shelter will be required to see one of the centre counsellors upon their initial intake and there after if the resident feels there is a need. Those who cause problems will be required to see counselling before being re-admitted to the centre. Some residents are seen on a regular basis at their request them with any problems that they may have. The counsellors will refer residents to the Turning Point for treatment, PSU or other organizations as required, to meet their needs.

PSU: This is a short-term primary support unit, for those in mental health crisis. They will stay in this unit for a maximum of three weeks. The purpose of this unit is to help them get stabilized on their medications, find supportive housing in the community and also to help them seek psychiatric or medical help if they do not have a doctor.

HOUSING WORKERS: There are four housing workers at the Centre whose responsibility it is to help the residents to find affordable housing out in the community. They have a list of contacts that are willing to rent rooms, apartments etc to our residents. We also work with the City of Toronto who is willing to open up apartments in their community housing units.

SHARE CARE WORKERS: There are number of Share care workers who regularly visit our Centre along with Doctors to help those with psychological and other health concerns that need to see a physician and/or psychiatrist.

Salvation Army - Maxwell Meighen Centre


HISTORY: The Salvation Army Maxwell Meighen Centre has been at this location for approximately 100 yrs and was originally the Training College for Salvation Army Officers (Ministers).

This Centre was newly renovated in 1994 and is currently undergoing another renovation to have one main entrance to better serve all clients. We are centrally located in the hub of activity in downtown Toronto. We are able to accommodate 378 men at any one given time. We have beds to accommodate those who are homeless with no funding, private rooms for long-term residents, CSC and Program. We have a full service kitchen that serves three meals a day to those staying in the centre. Those in city funded, CSC or program beds have meals included in their stay; others can purchase meals for a small fee.

STAFF: The centre has a staff of over 100 members, working in all departments. The Staff is allotted to three shifts per day throughout the rest of the centre. We operate on a 24 hr basis with fulltime Staff and Security.

Provide Counseling and support to men in crises from all walks of life.

Provide the incentive and encourage men to take on responsibilities for their life.

Provide an environment for those wishing to deal with their addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling).

Provide a good clean environment, which will facilitate the re-integration of the resident’s back into the community and family environment.

Provide housing, employment counseling and placement while utilizing all the resources of the centre and community.

Provide a quality of service in accordance with the Mission Statement of the Salvation Army, Toronto Shelter and CSC Standards.

Application Process

Hostel area admissions are largely by self-referral but can be accepted if referred to us from an outside agency. The PSU, is by referrals from our Counseling Staff or other agencies, but must be assessed by the PSU Staff and accepted before they are considered for admittance. The housing is by referral from our Counseling Staff, CSC Liaison.