Ellen Osler Home

The Salvation Army

34 Hatt Street
Dundas Ontario
L9H 2E8

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  • Name Annie Williams
  • Position Director
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Main Contact

  • Name Meahan Hardyman
  • Position Program Manager
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Programs & Services

Ellen Osler is a Community Residential Facility funded through Correctional Services Canada and the Salvation Army. Correctional Services Canada contracts for ten of the 12 available beds. There is capacity to facilitate a Mother and Child program; though currently this is not funded through CSC. There is one Satellite Apartment funded through CSC and one to be funded shortly.

EOH provides enhanced services to women when required and facilitates personalized plans of service to meet unique needs of each individual. There is a Chaplain on site who facilitates a spiritual program entitled Women of Worth (WOW) and there are linkages to other Salvation Army programs that provide life skills programming within Dundas (Home With A Heart). Individualized Counselling is available to the women 24 hours per day within the house. An addiction counsellor from our sister organization New Choices provides one-to-one counselling and telephone contact for the women at Ellen Osler Home.

In order to strengthen the durability of community connections for the women and to enhance their networks of contacts we believe that it is important to access community based supports for programs—this also ensures that there is a depth and breadth to the programming available. Therefore; strong connections are made with Elizabeth Fry Society of Hamilton; St. Joseph’s Hospital, Womankind addiction services, The Native Women’s Center and many more services within the area. CSC programs are also available to the women to provide supports in the areas of psychology and psychiatry although some women choose to utilize community based mental health services.


In addition to the 10 + 2 bed CRF, the Ellen Osler Home has 2 satellite units. A 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom unit. These units are occupied by women who need extra structure and support, who have mental health concerns, addiction concerns and who may be at risk for homelessness. Women serving longer or life sentences also benefit from the more gradual transition to independent living.

Ellen Osler Home

  • Beds 10 plus 2
  • Population Female
  • Age 18 years and older

Application Process

Women are referred through any Federal Correctional Facility or Parole Officer. The Women would first indicate their interest in coming to EOH and staff begin to meet with them on an In-reach basis to develop a rapport and to facilitate goal planning for eventual re-inclusion in the community. This process includes consultation with the institutional PO and CW as well as the Community PO. This will help to ensure that all supports and services are in place to make the transition to the Ellen Osler positive, productive and centered on the individual's personalized goals as is possible.

An application package is filled out early in the process and the individual is given a copy of the House Rules so that they understand what the philosophy and the framework of Ellen Osler is. Additionally, they are provided with a list of what services and programs are available within the community so that they and staff can begin to develop their plan prior to coming to Ellen Osler.

Local Parole Office

Hamilton Parole Office
  • Phone 905-572-2695