Phyllis Haslem Residence

Elizabeth Fry Toronto

215 Wellesley Street East
Toronto Ontario


  • Name Connie Hansenberger
  • Position Residential Manager
  • Phone 416-924-3708 ext. 250
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Main Contact

  • Name Gemma
  • Position Napoli
  • Phone 416-924-3708 ext. 253
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Programs & Services

The Elizabeth Fry Toronto was started by a community group in 1951 and incorporated in 1952.

Our Agency provides residency to both Provincial and Federal Offenders, and is the only agency in the Toronto area to specifically address the needs of women in conflict with the law.

Elizabeth Fry Toronto offers Residency in a supportive communal environment. In preparing clients for community reintegration, the agency has a number of programs available for its residents. Individual Counselling is offered with an emphasis on community remediation and living skills. The Agency also offers assistance in locating future accommodation, career planning, educational upgrading and referrals to a number of other community resources. The Elizabeth Fry Toronto also offers a nationally recognized program, which deals with the underlying causes of Theft and Fraud-related behavior. Anger Management Counselling is also offered within the Agency.

Phyllis Haslem Residence


The Residential Program provides women who are on parole from provincial or federal prisons with a place to call home during the critical period during which they transition into life outside institutions, reintegrate into the community and make lifestyle changes that contribute to long-term, healthy lifestyles.

Many women arrive at the residence after a series of conflicts with the law or terms of incarceration and face challenges of poverty, compromised life skills, low education and lack of familial supports. Residence staff work alongside each resident to address her unique needs, developing life management and employment skills, rebuilding family ties and helping women re-enter the community after spending months, sometimes years, in institutions.

No resident is seen as a case number or offender but as an individual with a unique history, unique challenges and unique gifts. The Residence is a place of safety, healing and hope.

  • Beds 14 + 2 satelitte apartments
  • Population women
  • Age 18 +
  • Exclusions Admission is not restricted unless the needs of the woman exceed the services offered.
  • Criteria Women 18 years of age and older who are willing to participate in the program.

Application Process

The Elizabeth Fry Toronto conducts institutional interviews to assess a woman's ability and willingness to participate in the Elizabeth Fry Toronto Residential Programs. Institutional visits take place bi-weekly at the Grand Valley Institution for Women. A Community Assessment Strategy follows the Institutional interview.

Local Parole Office

Women's Supervision Unit