Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel/Halton - Ellen House

24 Queen Street East
Brampton Ontario
L6V 1A3

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  • Name Tracy Brennan
  • Position House Manager
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Main Contact

  • Name Deb Riddle
  • Position Executive Director
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Programs & Services


Ellen House has a staff complement of 5: including a Manager, Residential Coordination, 2 Counsellors, and a night shift Counsellor. In addition the residence has casual relief staff and many outside and agency staff to assist in offering programming to all women residing at Ellen House.


Ellen House offers residency in a supportive communal environment. In preparing clients for community reintegration, the House has a number of programs available for its residents. Individual counselling is offered with an emphasis on community remediation and living skills. Ellen House also offers assistance in locating future accommodation, career planning, educational upgrading, and referrals to a number of other community resources. There is also an aftercare program to support women successfully reintegrate into the community.


Any resident of Ellen House also has access to The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton’s various programs, which include program facilitation connected with a counselling service, including:

Anti-Theft Fraud: In house program facilitation linked with crime prevention counselling which uses an educational/behavioural approach to examine the cognitive processes behind theft and fraud and other anti-social behaviours.

Anger Management: In house program facilitation linked with anger management counselling. The program is cognitively based to assist clients in developing the skills needed to manage anger effectively and other related emotions connected to anti-social behaviour.

Substance Use: In house program facilitation linked with a community agency that focuses on assessment and treatment for substance use, including counselling.

Employment: In house program facilitation linked with employment counselling and a practical component of learning employment skills at head office or other available community resources, including free truck driver training and license program.

Seeking Safety (Trauma and Substance Use): In house program facilitation designed for women dealing with PTSD and other consequences of trauma, linked with trauma counselling.

Life Skills: In-house program facilitation focusing on various life skills including budgeting, parenting, developing healthy relationships, linked with counselling.

Women’s Circle: In-house program facilitation specifically designed to empower women and increase self esteem and self worth, linked with counselling.

CSC Programs:

Self Management Program – Women Offender Correctional Program

WOMIP – Women Offender Moderate Intensity Program (available via Program UTAs and Parole)

Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel/Halton - Ellen House


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton was started by a community group in 1968.
Ellen House provides residency to both provincial and federal women offenders, and has been in operation since 1976. The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton is the only agency in the area to specifically address the needs of women in conflict with the law.

Ellen House is a Community Residential Facility that provides a supportive living environment for women involved with the criminal justice system. Ellen House is a two-story bungalow situated in a residential neighborhood of old Brampton. Public transportation, local agencies, downtown Brampton, and recreational facilities are within walking distance. Ellen House has a 12-bed capacity with a recreation room, a living and dining room, large deck, etc.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton and Ellen House also operate a one bedroom satellite apartment for federally sentenced women and their infant children (mother-child program) or single women successfully reintegrating into independent living, as well as a three bedroom satellite house for federally sentenced women.

  • Population Women
  • Exclusions No exclusions. The agency strives to create a plan of care for all applicants that are willing to participate in the program.
  • Criteria Women 18 years of age and older who are willing to participate in the program.

Application Process

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton conducts institutional interviews to assess a woman's needs and willingness to participate in the Ellen House program. Institutional visits take place bi-weekly at the Grand Valley Institution for Women. A Community Assessment Strategy follows the institutional interview.

Local Parole Office

Women's Supervision Unit
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