Howard House of Cape Breton

Howard House Association of Cape Breton

262 Bentinck Street P.O. Box 384
Sydney Nova Scotia
B1P 6H2

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  • Phone (902) 562-2306
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  • Name Jeanette Thompson
  • Position Executive Director
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Main Contact

  • Name Jeanette Thompson

Jeanette Thompson has been employed by Howard House Association of Cape Breton for 28 years, currently occupying the position of Executive Director. Starting as a frontline counselor for 15 years, Jeanette moved to Assistant Director and has been Executive Director since 2000. Jeanette volunteers with the United Way and has been a regular blood donor for over 30 years. She is a member of the Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities and has a seat on the Board of Directors of Sydney Credit Union.

Programs & Services


  • Institution visits
  • Case Plan


  • Community Integration Program
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Understanding and Managing Anger


  • Employment Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance through public transit passes
  • Tax Preparation Assistance


  • Urine analysis testing
  • Visitor log
  • Video surveillance
Howard House of Cape Breton


Howard House Association of Cape Breton maintains a residential centre in downtown Sydney, which provides room and board, 24 hour supervision, life skills experiences in a structured environment. Its mission is to of service to persons in conflict with the law or with the community by facilitating their remobilization, while maintaining their dignity and the safety of the community.

Howard House was established in 1976 and is a non-profit charitable organization with a Board of Directors. It is a non-funded member of the United Way of Cape Breton. Howard House has a long term staff with over 130 years of experience working at this facility, providing our residents with consistency and stability. We pride ourselves on our family like atmosphere and being able to have our residents feel like they are living in a home not an institution.

Mission Statement

The goal of Howard House Association of Cape Breton is to facilitate the re-socialization of male and female offenders, ex-offenders and others in conflict with the law, by providing a transitional residential program that combines the needs of the residents, the community and the criminal justice system, while maintaining the dignity of the residents and the security of the community.

  • Beds 19
  • Population Male and female
  • Age 18 and over
  • Sources Correctional Services Canada and Provincial Corrections
  • Exclusions Severe psychiatric problems
  • Criteria Individually screened through Admissions Committee

Community Involvement

Both staff and residents are encouraged to volunteer in the community. Students from Cape Breton University and from the Community Colleges have done numerous placements at Howard House over the years.

Local Parole Office

Correctional Services Canada - Sydney Parole Office
  • Phone 902-564-7300