Nehiley House

Shelter Nova Scotia

3170 Romans Ave
Halifax Nova Scotia
B3L 3W9


  • Name Darlene Lunn
  • Position Acting Manager of Community Corrections
  • Phone (902) 454-5532
  • Email

Main Contact

  • Name Darlene Lunn
  • Position Acting Manager of Community Corrections
  • Phone (902)454-5532
  • Email

Programs & Services


  • Institutional visits (In Reach) to meet with Parole Officers, CMT and offenders to facilitate the transition from institution to community living.
  • Case planning following the outlined correctional plan.
  • Participate in the Women’s Supervision Unit


  • Employment assistance through resume writing, employment searches and referrals to CSC Corcan Employment Services.
  • Housing assistance through apartment searches, application assistance and referrals to community housing programs.
  • Clothing assistance.

*Mother Child Program


  • Visitor Log
  • Security Cameras
Nehiley House


Nehiley House was established in June 2005 by Saint Leonard’s Society of Nova Scotia. On Oct 13 2011, we changed our name to Shelter Nova Scotia. Shelter Nova Scotia seeks to grow effective continuum of services that help people transition from crisis back to community. In pursuit of our goals, Shelter Nova Scotia oversees the operation of: two Community Residential Facilities that help men and women make the change from prison living to community living, two facilities for men and women experiencing homelessness, a supportive housing program for men and women moving from shelter living to community living, and a Community Trustee Program for individuals in the community.We believe in the value of all people and offer effective reintegration and support programs through CSC/community partners for people making the change from prison to community living.

We can accommodate both Federal and Provincial women and provide 24-7 supervision on site by trained and conscientious staff. Nehiley has a life skills based meal program that is driven by the residents themselves, kitchen access, laundry facilities and a resident phone for local calls.

Nehiley House also operates a Mother Child Program whereby a mother can apply to have her child(ren) reside with her at the facility either occassional, part time or full time.

This may include Day Parole, Full Parole, Statutory Release Voluntary, Statutory Release with Residency, Temporary Absences, and Half-way Back releases. When the facility is determining whether or not an offender is suitable for residency at our facility, factors including community and staff safety are one of the primary factors considered. Other factors may include programming the individual has successfully participated in, as well as the level of motivation they are expressing towards change, and leading a law-abiding pro-social lifestyle.

Our objective is to provide safe and supportive accommodations in conjunction with community safety. We support our residents through a women-centered approach and case planning for successful reintegration.

  • Beds 8 (8 CSC)
  • Population Female
  • Age 18 Years and up
  • Exclusions Offenders who have not addressed their criminogenic factors adequately through available programming therefore not lowering their risk enough to be managed in the community, serious negative institutional behavior, incompatibles that already reside at the
  • Criteria Must be on Conditional Release and have applied for residency through Correctional Service of Canada.

Application Process

Our facility provides suport to both Federal and Provincial cases. Any woman who is applying to reside at Nehiley House must express interest to her Institutional Parole Officer at which time her name will be flagged with the Women's Supervision Until for In Reach. The Community Parole Officer as well as the House Director will meet with the woman and establish a rapport with her which is extremely beneficial in pre release planning. The Institutional Parole Officer will send out an official Community Strategy request at which time the facility, local Parole Officer, and police will review the file and determine if residency is supported and recommended programming and special conditions. Nehiley House also accepts cases from the Community that are on Parole and these are usually referred to as Halfway Back cases. A discussion takes place with the Parole Officer as to the reasoning behind requesting a Halfway Back and a decisions is made on accommodating. All referrals come directly through Correctional Services of Canada.

Community Involvement

We participate in the Women’s Integration Committee in Halifax. Also Nehiley House has its own Advisory Committee which meets twice a year. We accept student placements from the Truro Community College Corrections course as well as receiving Summer Grants through the Government for Summer Students.

Local Parole Office

Halifax Area Parole Office
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  • Phone (902) 426-3408
  • Fax (902) 426-8000