Madame Louise Arbour

St. Leonards Community Services London and Region

London Ontario


  • Name Heather Callender
  • Position Executive Director

Main Contact

  • Name Karri Wilson
  • Position Manager-Women & Mental Health Services
  • Phone 519-850-1975
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Programs & Services

MLA can provide long term housing to eight women who have been incarcerated and are in transition between that and successful community living. We also offer twenty four hour residential crisis services to women for up to thirty days. During that thirty days mental health and offender risk management are addressed. For all women at MLA we link them to community resources and advocate for them as necessary. Our programming includes life skills, self esteem, boundaries, moving forward, anger management, relapse prevention, healthy lifestyles and leisure programming.
As well, residents leaving St Leonard’s are offered support through Reintegration Services. This program has Social Workers who are mentors, coaches, facilitators and advocates for residents in order to develop daily problem solving strategies, self reliance, responsibility and accountability. We promote offender reintegration into the community, community safety and greater success within the community for the offender.


Maison Louise Arbour (MLA)

Madame Louise Arbour


Since it's incorporation in 1967 St Leonard's Community Services has grown to include 25 halfway houses across Canada and is well known for it's work in restorative justice. It's Adult Residential Services supports federal and provincial offenders and persons with mental health issues .On April 1 2007, with support from the community, and local women's service providers, Maison Louise Arbour opened her doors.

The centre, named for former Chief Justice Madame Louise Arbour, is an eight bed, twenty four hour facility that offers a safe home for women involved in the justice system who are challenged by mental health, substance abuse, and related concerns. This multilevel service had been previously non existent for women. The women are federal, forensic, probation and mental health short term bed residents and has the ability to provide for women and their children. We offer support and case and crisis management, planning and assistance to develop realistic, discharge and achievable goals by using women's strengths as guides. Our residential counselors offer one to one counseling, structured environment, medication compliance, crisis planning, education in substance abuse, educational/vocational networks, relapse prevention programming and life skills.

  • Beds 8
  • Population Female
  • Age 18+
  • Sources CSC,Province,Forensic, Mental Health/Crisis
  • Exclusions MLA does not restrict admission to the house unless a woman's needs are greater than the service we can provide
  • Criteria Adult women on day parole, full parole, temporary passes, probation, bail and women with mental health issues

Application Process

Federal residents are accepted through a multi level assessment CAT (Community Assessment Team). Probation, Forensic and Mental Health residents are accepted through an assessment either at the courthouse or before release from EMDC. We also accept through other referrals with an assessment completed before admittance. Once accepted, residents are admitted on availability of bed space.

Local Parole Office

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