Manchester House

John Howard Society of Victoria

540 Manchester Road
Victoria British Columbia
V8T 2N8


  • Name Kathy Roy
  • Position Director
  • Phone (250) 384-1340
  • Email

Main Contact

  • Name Kathy Roy
  • Position Director
  • Phone (250) 384-1340
  • Email

Programs & Services

Most people who come to Manchester House are trying to make changes, so as to make a better adjustment to living back in the community. Anyone involved in trying to make changes experiences ups and downs. Each resident has a counselor assigned for one-to one counseling; however, any staff are available to all residents. The staffing at the House is there to provide moral support, to listen and to assist in any way they can to help residents make the changes they desire. We also believe very strongly in the individuals accountability to the conditions of their release, and the goals they have set for themselves. Manchester House is a place to work at what you hope to accomplish; it is not a place to “do your time”.

The overall program at Manchester House is designed to reflect the philosophies of accountability and aspiring to independent living. The realities of the day-to-day living at the House and in the community become the core of the program:

• Meal preparation

• Budgeting

• Dealing with addictions

• Searching for employment

• Employment or School

• Making appointments

• Sorting out relationships

• Communal housekeeping

Structured programs and meetings in the House include:

Narcotics Anonymous meetings
Community Development Nights
Weekly Meal Preparation Classes
Monthly residents house meeting
Recreational Activities

Upon arrival to the House a ‘welcome kit’ and a bus pass is given. Residents are required to keep their own rooms clean and to assist in the general chores of the House. Residents are responsible to shop for and prepare their own meals. There are two fully equipped Kitchens, two large living rooms, laundry facilities and Internet access for resident use. A living allowance is given to unemployed residents and those attending school. All residents receive access to an affordable gym membership.



Gelling Manor is a five bed residential facility, operated by John Howard Society of Victoria. It is located beside Manchester House and currently houses men who are on day parole.


We strive to assist our residents beyond Manchester House and realize the difficulties experienced in trying to find affordable and clean accommodations in Victoria. Maxfield House is a transition home owned by the John Howard Society of Victoria and is located on the property near Manchester House. It offers unstaffed, temporary accommodations at a reasonable rent to successful graduates of Manchester House. The general length of stay at Maxfield House is six months to one year depending on the demand for beds, and the request and needs of an individual. Residents supported for Maxfield House are on full parole, statutory release, or warrant expiry.

Manchester House



Manchester House opened in 1984. The House provides a safe transition home for people returning to our community from institutions. The House is owned and operated by the John Howard Society of Victoria, founded in 1935. We provide a structured environment and moral support to afford residents an opportunity to become contributing members of society.

The House itself is a large renovated home centrally located in Victoria. It is near shopping facilities and main bus routes, with good connections to Camosun College, the University of Victoria, and employment centers.

The House accommodates up to fifteen residents. There are nine single room and three doubles. Twelve beds are contracted to the Correctional Services of Canada for parolees. A three-bed program also operates out of the House for individuals who have come in conflict with the law and have experienced psychiatric problems, but are stabilized and ready to return to the community.

  • Beds 15
  • Population Male
  • Age 18+
  • Sources CSC,Province,Federal & Provincial Institutions
  • Exclusions Determined upon assessment
  • Criteria As determined by the Steering Committee. Selected for residency on a priority basis. The following is taken into consideration: Individuals that do not pose a significant behavior problem, compatibility with current residences, individuals with substance abuse issues that recognize it as a factor in their criminal behavior.

Application Process

All inmates applying for Manchester House are required to fill out an application. These forms can be obtained in person, by mail, or downloaded from the Manchester House website (

William Head Institution: A Manchester House representative interviews every Wednesday between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm in the institution. An appointment can be booked on the interview form posted beside the boardroom in E Unit.

All other Institutions: Write to Kathy Roy, the Director of Manchester House, to introduce yourself, provide some background information, and outline your release plans if you plan to apply to the House. An application will be mailed to you upon receipt of your letter.

The John Howard Society of Lower Mainland also hosts two Information Fairs per year in the Pacific Regions Institutions. This is an opportunity for inmates to introduce themselves to the participating organizations and gather information about their facilities and programs.

Community Involvement

Manchester House is actively involved in community activities. Throughout the year staff and residents have assisted with tree planting, community gardens, Christmas hampers for single father families, boulevard and local waterway clean-up projects, and is a current Advisory Board member for a local community mental health facility in Victoria.

Local Parole Office

Victoria Parole Office
  • Phone (250) 363-3267
  • Fax (250) 363-3260