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  • Name Darlene MacEachern
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  • Name Darlene MacEachern
  • Position Executive Director
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Programs & Services

While residing at the Elizabeth Fry Satellite Apartments, residents must attend a mandatory resident meeting on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm and a weekly IPP (Individual Program Plan) meeting. The Individual Program Plan is a tool used to gather information about resident’s eligibility for services and resources. The assessment process will provide detailed information identifying the resident’s short and long term goals as they relate to their CSC and personal plans.

There are also other programs residents can attend such as Self Esteem, Anger Management, Abundance Program, Healthy Relationships, Personal Boundaries and Conflict Management.

Elizabeth Fry Satellite Apartment


The Elizabeth Fry Satellite Apartment Program is a Community Based Residential Facility which will provide housing to women and young women who are experiencing a transition in their lives and in need of a stable living environment. The Elizabeth Fry Society will work with the Department of Justice, Correctional Services Canada, Community Services and community organizations to ensure the protection and rights of women and the community. The Satellite Apartment is an eight bedroom facility that provides a supportive living environment where women can gradually adjust to new situations, make decisions, and complete legal processes as they plan for their futures.

Our goals and objectives reflect a holistic supportive environment. Individual program plans in a supervised setting will enable women to develop and make choices to successfully reintegrate back to the community. Our programs, services and community partnerships will provide effective strategies for the women to plan their futures in a safe and encouraging manner.

  • Beds 8
  • Population Females
  • Age 18 Years and up
  • Sources Correctional Service of Canada and provincial courts (remands)
  • Criteria Provincial/ Federal sentenced women on conditional release who are willing to follow program of Satellite Apartment

Application Process

Referrals from community agencies and partnerships will be accepted, as well as self referrals. A Preliminary Assessment or Intake interview will be completed, usually by telephone or in person. In cooperation with the woman a release plan and/or reintegration plan will be developed. After these steps are completed a formal report will then be presented to a Community Assessment Team and a decision to accept, defer or deny residency will be made.

Community Involvement

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton is a community based agency that works on behalf of women and young girls who are involved in the criminal justice system, in particular, those in conflict with the law and those at risk. The members of our Society are dedicated to offering services, programs, and housing to those in need, advocating for reforms, and offering a forum within which the public may be informed about, and participate in all aspects of the criminal justice system as it affects them.

Programs and Services:

Prison Visits - The Society visits Nova Institution for Women monthly to provide assistance with case management, filing appropriate paperwork, pre-release planning, parole hearings, advocacy and emotional support.

Drop-in Center - Located in the Society's office, the drop in center provides a place for women to talk, develop friendships, build interpersonal skills, receive emotional support, increase confidence and share information.

Special Needs - The Society provides assistance with housing, groceries, Supreme Court Family Division, Court Accompaniment, Community Services, Appeals, Canada Pension Tribunals, and other issues with which women may request assistance.

Presentations - Staff of the Society provide public presentations on the Society and its programs, as well as on issues pertaining to women in conflict with the law.

Community Service Orders - The society has made its office available to provide both a placement and supervision for women who are required to perform Community Service Orders and Fine Option hours.

Diversion - The Society is working closely with the justice system (defense, prosecution and Judiciary) to ensure that those women who meet the criteria for diversion receive referrals that divert them from court processes, saving time and money for the justice system and assisting the woman herself.

Liaison - The Society has developed a close working relationship with several other community organizations. E Fry CB board and staff sit on a number of other boards and committees that represent the women we work with and on behalf of.

Referrals - Staff make appropriate referrals to other organizations in response to the client's needs.

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